As small business owners, we advocate for policies that promote responsible economic development, environmental stewardship, and investment in community. We are the backbone of Maine’s economy, and we help provide a political voice for Maine’s small business community. We believe that good economic policy works both for small business owners and the customers they serve.

Maine Small Business Coalition Supports Alternative Budget Plan

Small business group says "A Better Deal for Maine" plan does more to support communities and local economies

Maine Small Business Coalition Announces New Director

The Maine Small Business Coalition today announced the hiring of Will Ikard of Newcastle as its new director.

Maine DEP: Small Businesses want to sell toxic-free products

Every Maine consumer deserves a home that is free of toxic chemicals, and every Maine business deserves the right to know that the products they use or sell are safe.

Support a fair minimum wage

President Obama has called for raising the federal minimum wage over the course of three years to $10.10, and then adjusting it annually for inflation to keep up with the cost of living. Join small business leaders from around the country standing in support of a fair minimum wage and sign our open letter to Congress now:

Small business owners speak out in favor of MaineCare expansion

Tell legislators that access to health care is good for community and Maine’s economy

Study: Closing Offshore Tax Loophole Can Save Maine Millions

Added revenue could prevent deep, unnecessary cuts to local services

As the legislature debates how to prevent cuts to revenue sharing funds for municipalities, the Maine Small Business Coalition released a new report today that details how Maine can take steps to curb offshore tax dodging, making available millions of dollars in revenue previously lost to corporate tax havens.

Sens. Collins and King: Take Action on Climate Change

Add your name to the growing list of Maine businesses calling for action on climate and clean energy and ask Senators Collins and King to support the President’s plan to reduce carbon pollution from power plants through the Clean Air Act.

Maine Small Business Coalition Endorses Waterfront Protection Ordinance

The Maine Small Business Coalition, comprised of more than 3,600 small business owners from across the state, is pleased to endorse the Waterfront Protection Ordinance, which will keep tar sands oil out of South Portland, risking spills and air pollution that will harm the environment and damage the community on which local small businesses rely. MSBC has over 100 businesses in South Portland specifically, and many others in the Casco Bay region that would be impacted by a tar sands facility there.

Portland-Area Small Business Owners Host Post-Shutdown Roundtable

Discuss effects of shutdown; look forward to upcoming federal budget fight

On Wednesday, small business owners from the greater Portland area met with staff from the offices of Representatives Pingree and Michaud to discuss the damaging effects of the shutdown of the federal government earlier this month and why further federal conflicts looming on the horizon must be avoided.


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