Maine Small Business Coalition Statement on Trump Budget Proposal

  • Posted on: 13 February 2018
  • By: Will

From MSBC director Will Ikard:

"Once again, with this budget, the President has shown a desire to destroy the American programs that ensure a functioning society. Massive cuts to food assistance, health care, and student aid will make our communities less stable and do nothing to help our small businesses. Only when every American has their basic needs met - food, shelter, health, education - can they live up to their full potential as workers, consumers, or entrepreneurs. This budget takes us further in the wrong direction.

Maine's Republicans, Senator Susan Collins and Representative Bruce Poliquin, have already chosen to weaken our communities and local economies by supporting Trump's tax plan, which strips health care from 50,000 Mainers while sending American earnings into the hands of overseas corporations. Hopefully they will change their tunes and oppose this destructive budget proposal."